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Biogenie visage

Biogenie Visage Totally Revitalizes The Blood And Lymphatic Systems In The Face And Neck Area. The Carefully Created Synergy Of Controlled, Non-aggressive Electrical Currents, Together With Specific, Non-irritating But Highly Efficacious Product Is Able To:
• Assist The Absorption And Convey Within The Skin, Throughout The Treatment The Essential Phytotherapy Elements
• Eliminate Epidermal Toxins (blackheads, Milia, Sebaceous And Epidermal Cysts.)
• Clarify And Clear The Complexion Without Sensitising Or Disturbing ; Rebalance Skin Colour, Restore An Even – Healthy – Radiant Appearance.
• Reduce Trapped Dilated Capillaries, Red Blotches, Dark Shadows Under And Over The Eyes; Redress Grey Tired Skin Hue And Eliminate Pigmentary Marks.
• Regulate Cellular Metabolism.
• Re-energise Cellular Fibres (including Elastin And Collagen) To Produce A Tightened Skin Texture With Iminished Fine Wrinkles.
• Dramaically Tone The Whole Facial Aspect And Redefine Contour With A Lasting, Lifting Effect Specific To The Morphology Of Each Client.
• Enhance And Boost The Five Vital Functions Of The Epidermis: Exfoliation, Oxygenation, Moisturisation, Regeneration And Protection.
• Reinforce The Skin’s Own Immune Power. Treatment Inclusive Of Ampoule:

1 HR.15 MINS
6 X 75 MINS
8 X 75 MINS
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