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CND Shellac Manicure and Pedicure

CND Shellac manicure treatment promises smudge-proof nail color that lasts 10-14 days without chipping. Some call it a miracle, It lasts longer on the feet. Its toughen  nail polish that’s applied the same way as normal varnish.
CND is very specific about removal. The process requires a special wrapping process at the salon using strong acetone. The wrapping isolates the chemical to the nail color and creates body head to help the polish come off easily.

Though it last 10-14 days the client still has to be very careful with their nails.

Q: Can I take off Shellac with ordinary nail polish remover?

A: Shellac is removed from the nail with removers containing acetone. And the nail is completely clean and shiny, as opposed to working with polish.

Q: Can I use Shellac to strengthen the cracked and broken nails?

A: It depends on the current state of the nails, . We must understand that Shellac is used to strengthen natural nails the correct form. Such problems as flat nails,

Q: Shellac on toe nails lasts longer?

A: On the feet Shellac is kept 4-5 weeks, no chipping, no peeling was observed

Shellac Manicure
Shellac French manicure
Shellac Pedicure
Shellac French Pedicure
Shellac mani removal
Shellac pedi removal.
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