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Cellulose body sculpture

The innovative celluloss concept from biogenie France is an exciting treatment focussing on all the major concern of the silhouette:
Selectively helping to body balance weight loss and inch loss from target area.
Redressing the problems of unsightly cellulite.
Gently but effectively detoxing and eliminating fluid retention and rejuvenating the supportive connective tissue matrix for firmer ,toned skin.
Only Celluloss incoporates simultaneous aspiration and electrical stimulation with patented “massage head” treatments is directly on the skin using beneficial sensorial Biogenie Technical Products
Celluloss can be offered as a detox solution following an excessive weekend or holiday break,when the body fells generally overloaded and sluggish.
A course of celluloss is recommended for body contouring and cellulite redness.
Celluloss Electro Body Sculpture combines 4 different Therapeutic and treatmentis individually tailored to suit clients needs.

45 mins session
Front or back
75 mins session
Full body
45 mins session X10
Front or back
75 mins session X10
Full body
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